Who we are

Our identity

Latin word Vigilare means to be awake, vigilant, ie. to always keep a vigilant eye on what is happening. Through informing, activities and initiatives that are started or supported by the Vigilare organization, citizens – supporters can be actively involved and react as e-citizens, and not only watch how foreign public figures or institutions threaten, ridicule and demean values that are important to them. Vigilare is a connection, a bridge that enables people to express their opinion of public figures in the media.

Vigilare is a registered non-profit organization active in the Republic of Croatia. The chairman of the organization is Mr. Vice J. Batarelo, PhD.

Main areas of activity

  • Marriage and family
    Promoting the original (natural) identity of marriage and the meaning of family. Family is a marriage between a man and a wife in which children are raised.
  • Human rights
    Advocating respect of the most basic human right – the right to live from the moment of conception and the right to die a natural death.
  • Value system of society
    Monitoring and demanding decency of the media in accordance with the values of Croatian cultural tradition, without humiliating and destroying human dignity.

Our mission and vision

To encourage individuals and communities to actively participate in development of democratic society and to express their beliefs without fear of discrimination, ridicule or humiliation.

To include the silent majority into the democratic processes of civil participation in forming the civic and political society in Croatia, in accordance with the traditional Croatian values.

How and why we act

Do you feel helpless, despite the supposed democratic freedom?

How many times have you been angry, depressed, shocked or saddened by the actions, words and acts of some media or public figures and their discriminatory and/or derogatory attitude towards values or beliefs that you consider important?
How many times have you felt completely helpless when you're up against the overflow of rudeness? How many times have you thought "Why does nobody react? Does no one think this is of importance?" Are you bothered by the typical Croatian attitude "Well, there's nothing you can do…?"

You can make a difference, you are citizens!

With the help of the Vigilare organization you can make a difference. For promoting and defending freedom in a democratic society it is of the utmost importance that we as citizens raise our voices and let the others hear us. If we do not do it, we’ll be pushed back into an oppressive society with small (and large) interest groups and minorities that will dictate priorities as they see fit. At the time when the internet and other means of fast communication are at our disposal, we can all act quickly, effectively and in great numbers.

In the meantime, the majority of citizens of Croatia, people in favour of the conservative tradition, have been shoved aside and cruelly stereotyped as "backward", "medieval" and "primitive". Do not be afraid, those are the typical scare tactics done in order to keep the majority in the state of fear, to make them passive and convinced that there is nothing one can do! That is also an obvious discrimination that has to be dealt with.

Vigilare – a powerful network of resolute citizens

Working together (through Vigilare) we can become a powerful network of resolute citizens of Croatia and Europe, therefore united in opinion and large in number, with the means of modern technology, we can let the people in power – the elite (in media, politics, public life) know that they can't just do whatever they please without any consequences. We want to live in a society and community which is based on responsibility; where the words cannot be said, acts committed without any accountability. On the contrary, they must be accountable to democracy, i.e. active citizens who want certain norms to be respected.

E-petitions for e-citizens

We live in a world where we often don’t have a lot of time. Therefore, Vigilare’s actions enable fast and simple expression of civil discontent or satisfaction with a certain situation in public. You will be notified of an action by email, through the link you’ll come to our site (or we will direct you to another, safe site) and click on the name of the exact action. There you’ll be able to read a letter which would be sent to a certain public figure or an institution, and if you agree with the content of the letter, you will then enter your name, surname, email address and… click SEND!

In this way you’ll be able to fulfill your need to react as a citizen in a fast and effective way.

You are an electronic citizen (e-citizen)!
Vigilare will make sure that you be notified of the continuation and results of the actions.